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"I would like to take this time to thank you for the service and the support you have given us since 2007. During that time you and your staff have worked hard to help us with finding the right machines for our applications. As you well know, finish was a critical factor in our decision to purchase our first Citizen M32 machine. The second factor in helping us with our decision to purchase from you was the way that you and Jon Moore took the time to provide us with a time study showing us the advantages of purchasing the Citizen M32 from you. So when you introduced to us the work piece unloader, the adaptive guide bushing, along with you standing behind what you sell, and promising that if the machine does not perform as proposed, that you would remove the machine it made our decision easier. I must say that was one of the best decisions we have made for our production demands and quality. The machine actually performed much better than you had stated in your time studies. We were able to take parts that ran a cycle time of 60-70 seconds on our turning centers and reduce the cycle time to a new time of 28-30 seconds.

Since the purchase of the first machine in 2007 we have added an additional M32, two of the L32’s and an A32. With the acquisition of these machines we have moved a majority of our work from our turning centers and placed it on the Citizens. We have reduced cycle times by as much as 68% and reduced our cost by up to 50% while creating additional manufacturing capacity and improving our quality.

Page, your part and technical support has been excellent. When we have ran into a problem with a machine your staff is quick to respond whether it is with a conversation over the phone to resolve an issue or to provide us with in house service. You have a great team of technicians that know the product very well and can provide the quick service and turn around that is necessary for today’s manufacturers

I would recommend Spinetti Machinery and Citizen Swiss type screw machines to anyone that is looking for ways to improve productivity, quality and are looking for a competitive edge. We are planning to expand our operation this year and have already allocated floor space for a new A32 when the time comes. Thank you for your hard work and support in helping Gyford Productions stay competitive; produce a higher quality part and keeping profitable."

+ George Lacombe, Manufacturing Manager
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Omega Pacific

I just wanted to write to let you know that without a doubt, the help you and your organization have provided myself and Omega Pacific, has enabled us to exceed our expectations for scheduling and production capabilities on a new and unfamiliar machine. Although I have over thirty years programming experience and have been managing the Omega die shop for over ten years, I have had no experience with a Swiss Screw Machine. When I was told we were getting one, I knew we were in for a steep and extensive learning curve.

With the help we received from Spinetti’s Parts Department, ordering collets and special tools we got exactly what was needed to get up and running. What I would really like to thank you for is the exceptional help I received from you, not only did you provide the programming training, but you and your team have been available within minutes of needing assistance. Not only have you been readily available this past year, but you have been able to walk me through just about every situation I needed help with

Over the years I have worked with several other machine vendors and never have I received such outstanding customer service from a company, and not from just one person, but from the whole team at Spinetti. After working with them for just about a year now I can honestly say that they are not only responsive, but very knowledgeable as well. I have no hesitation in recommending Spinetti Machinery to anyone considering making a purchase from them.

Thank you again for all the assistance you and your team have provided myself and Omega Pacific.

+ Carlos Mattana Die Shop Supervisor, Omega Pacfic
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"My name is Jason Mohon and I represent JWD Machine. We are a world class manufacturer providing products to the aerospace, transportation and defense industries. We are a customer of Spinetti Machinery and have a very good relationship with them. We appreciate the training that has been provided for our staff. The support they provide has enabled us to meet our production needs and fulfill our customer’s requirements. I recommend Spinetti Machinery based on their professionalism and customer support. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me directly."

+ Jason Mohon
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"The correspondence will serve as a recap of our experience over the years dealing with your organization. You may use this information as you see fit.

We have always found your operation to be of the highest quality and always focused on customer service and satisfaction. Whenever we have requested something from you the response time has been rapid and the information accurate.

You have always treated us with respect in all aspects of our dealings whether it was quotes for new equipment, required tooling, resolution of any situation or help we requested.

I personally will always be grateful for the help you provided when my key employee and friend was killed in an auto accident. It left a large hole I my organization and you provided every piece of support I requested including training other employees as well as personal support during that trying time.

I observe the way you organize your company and how your employees love working there. I am very impressed with their team spirit. I am modeling my company the same way.

In closing, I would recommend your company to anyone looking to build a relationship with a quality organization."

+ Larry Kettmann, CEO
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" This letter of recommendation is being written to express our total satisfaction here at Minimatics with the efforts of Spinetti Machinery. From the initial contact with Aaron Johnson, thru to the completed installation with the help of Jon Moore, every aspect was done with distinction and professionalism.

The entire staff at Spinetti Machinery was just as eager to help with any issues that came up after the purchases as they were before the purchases. We purchased three turning centers from Spinetti and were pleased with all facets of each purchase.

When service was required on one of our machined, it was superb. Spinetti had a service person at our shop the next morning after letting them know we had a machine down.

I fully recommend and plan to continue our relationship with Spinetti Machinery here at Minimatics. "

+ Mark Lentz, GM
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Lane 4 Precision

"Bringing on a new or first screw machine is a decision to be weighed carefully. The dependability and performance of the Citizen machines is excellent, and their reputation is well deserved but there are other manufactures and many options. When Lane4 had finished vetting our options it was Spinetti Machinery’s customer service that ultimately won our business. They understand that their success depends on yours and the whole organization treats their customers accordingly. They are friendly, superbly professional, and always available.

When outfitting our shop with our first screw machine several years ago we had to lean heavily on Spinetti’s team to help us select the right machine and teach us to operate it. Eric, Jon, and Chatu had us up and running without incident and were available for quick text questions at all hours and too many weekends, as well as by phone, email, or in-person when required. As Lane4 has grown Aaron and Page have been helpful and creative in guiding us to select and purchase the correct next machines at the right times.

It is without hesitation and my pleasure to recommend Spinetti Machinery. I used names in this letter because it is the people at Spinetti that make the difference. The machines speak for themselves. "

+ Dan Fifer, President and Owner
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" It has been a little over 1 year since we purchased our first Citizen A20 screw machine from Spinetti Machinery. From the beginning Spinetti has been there for us when we were deciding on things like options for the machine and tooling to maximize efficiency. You could tell that they weren’t there fust for the initial machine tool sale but looking at this as a long term relationship and serieous about providing the support we were looking for. It’s great to know that you can always pick up the phone and get ahold of one of their application guys at almost any time.

When the time comes and we are ready for another machine we will definitely be working with the Spinetti ream on what machine will fit our needs. These guys are committed to their customers and make sure that they exceed your expectations. I would and have recommend them to anyone in the market for a Citizen machine.

Thanks again for all the help. "

+ Neil Slater, Owner
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Smith Brothers Pushrods

" I am writing this letter in reference to the excellent, professional sales and service we receive from Spinetti Machinery. When we need a new Swiss style CNC we always call Spinetti since we know that they not only deliver as they promise but they will certainly take care of any issues if they should arise. We have had issues with some of our Citizens in the past and Spinetti is always right on top of getting them repaired. In the beginning we used to look a Star and Tsugami machines but as long as Spinetti is our distributor we will continue buying Citizens. "

+ Dennis Marshall
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TEK Manufacturing

" I wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with Spinetti Machinery as our distributor of Citizen machinery.

We were concerned when a new distributor in California replaced our more local sales office. We needn’t have been. Spinetti wrote the book on customer service! We’ve been doing business with them since 2003 and the quality of their customer service cannot be matched.

When we were considering purchase of our first M32 machine, we were concerned about the increased complexity of setting up and programming that machine vs. the L’s that we had been using. One of their service techs invited us to call him on his cell phone any time. We’ve taken him up on that offer numerous times – both after hours and weekends – and have always gotten the support we needed. On another occasion, one of their techs called back the next dayjust to make sure the problem we had talked about earlier had been solved. This was at a time when machine sales were very busy and I know he had other things to do. He called because he cared about us.

That attitude is prevalent throughout the company. Every time I speak with someone from Spinetti, I feel like I am their most important customer. Next time we need machines or service, there is no question – we will call Spinetti Machinery. "

+ Terry Keene, President
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"I met Page Spinetti in 2001 when he came by and attempted to sell me a screw machine. I was not interested and told him so. He stopped by several times over the next few years and even paid my way to an open house at the Citizen show room in California.

His persistence paid off in 2007 when we purchased our first L-20. We now have 5 Citizens and our 6th one will arrive in mid-October of 2020.

With the Citizen machines being very well built, it is very unusual to have issues. However, we did have a serious problem with our K-16 in 2013, approximately one year after we purchased it. The -Y- axis stopped moving freely. This happened on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. Not only did a repair technician arrive in a few hours, he worked thru the weekend to get the machine back online! It has been running great ever since.

Beyond being very responsive, Page and his team stand behind everything they sell. An example of this is with the K-16. The warranty was extended an extra year with no badgering on my part. Pretty much unheard of in the machinery sales business.

Page Spinetti and his team at Spinetti Machinery are the best. I really enjoy working with them and I am sure you will too."

+ Karl M Niemela, President